2012 Racial Attitudes Recommendations – In Development

Part 2 – Developmental Stage

The following list is a summary of the recommendations for which the Institute is currently developing initiatives, projects, or activities.

1. Recommendation – The Institute should encourage more people of color to pursue careers in journalism.

  • Follow-up: The UALR Diversity Council was created to hold the university accountable for becoming a diverse, multi-ethnic community characterized by an absence of institutional racism. The institute will work with the Council to increase students of color in all university schools and departments, including mass communication and journalism.

2. Recommendation – Start a blog responsible for sharing information with public that showcases positive news happening, and monitors how diversity is being treated in traditional media.

  • Follow-up: An Institute blog that will include a media analysis element is in development.

To see the list of community related recommendations, go to Part 3 – Community Tasks.

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