Documentary Showing and Discussion Evaluation Form

Please complete the short survey about “The House I Live In” documentary and community discussion held Sept. 26 at UALR. Thank you.

"The House I Live In" Documentary and Discussion Evaluation Form

The UALR Institute on Race and Ethnicity wants to offer high quality programs that engage the community on issues pertaining to racial and ethnic justice. This survey is designed to measure general attitudes and perceptions about the concepts presented in the film. We appreciate your feedback.

Please select the one that best describes you.(Required)

Indicate your level of agreement with each statement with one of the five following choices.

My level of understanding about the “War on Drugs” prior to this screening was limited.(Required)
My level of understanding about the “War on Drugs” after this screening increased.(Required)
The panelists’ responses contributed significantly to my understanding of this subject.(Required)
The information presented in the film is important and should be shared with others in the community.(Required)
The panelists provided input to facilitate the discussion.(Required)

Sponsored by the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Institute on Race and Ethnicity Association of Black Psychology Professionals Central Arkansas Chapter of the National Association of Black Social Workers.
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