Women’s Storytelling Project

Women's Storytelling Project Listen to audio interviews below.In this collection of interviews, a diverse group of women with strong ties to Arkansas tell us their stories about family, values, race relations, and their relationships with other women. Like pieces of a quilt, their distinct stories intersect in various places revealing a thread of shared experiences.

“I think relationships that I’ve had with women of different ethnicities are better than what my mom had.” Listen to Dr. Mildred Montgomery Randolph interview.

Interview with Dr. Mildred Montgomery Randolph

“We aren’t always completely honest about our failings or our, you know, emotions about race.” Listen to Janis Kearney interview.

Interview with Janis Kearney

“From an early age, I was just taught and believed that everybody is equal.” Listen to Cathi Compton interview.

Interview with Cathi Compton

“I was the only black student for two years at Forest Heights…it shaped my identity of who I am.” Listen to interview with LaVerne Bell-Tolliver, Ph.D.

Interview with LaVerne Bell-Tolliver, Ph.D.

Featured Topics: Economics, Social Climate, Relationships, Professions, Higher Education, SegregationSchool DesegregationSouthern CustomsGender

Featured Topic: School DesegregationListen to Audio Clips Related to School Desegregation

Several of the women interviewed experienced segregation in schools during their childhoods. Some were later thrushed into new environments where segregation was no longer legal; however, an end to separation did not always mean equality.

Listen to Adjoa Aiyetoro talk about school desegregation.Listen to Deborah Mandredini talk about school desegregation.Listen to Lavern Bell-Tolliver talk about school desegregation.Listen to Cathi Compton talk about school desegregation.Listen to Janis Kearney talk about school desegregation.

“I was born of Italian immigrants. They were brought into a big plantation in Lake Village and were indentured farmers.” Listen to inteview with Rosalie Santine Gould.

Interview with Rosalie Santine Gould

“A lot of people are fearful of what they see as different, when all they have to realize is it’s just window dressing.” Listen to interview with Deborah Manfredini.

Interview with Deborah Manfredini

“I’m not trying to live in their world, they’re not trying to live in my world. We have a world that we live in together.” Listen to interview with Adjoa A. Aiyetoro.

Interview with Adjoa A. Aiyetoro, J.D.

"Some say race relations have changed a lot. “People are people; whether you are black, white, blue, or whatever.” Listen to interview with Vernita Ellison.

Interview with Vernita Ellison

All interviews were conducted by members of the Women’s Storytelling Project in conjunction with the UALR Institute on Race and Ethnicity.

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