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New course added for spring 2015

sulaDr. Laura Barrio-Vilar, of the UALR English Department, has announced a new class that will cover key works by Nobel- and Pulitzer-Prize winner Toni Morrison. Morrison’s writings cover a wide range of topics: from race and gender relations, family, socio-economic and cultural survival, to slavery, war, and infanticide according to Barrio-Vilar. The course counts toward the Minor in Race and Ethnicity.

The course is available to undergraduate and graduate students: ENGL 4380-01 (undergraduate) and ENGL 5370-02 (graduate). For more information about the new class, contact Barrio-Vilar at

Learn more about the minor below.

Combine with any Major

student at Racial Attitudes Conference

  • An 18-hour undergraduate minor in Race and Ethnicity

  • Combine with any Major Course of Study

  • Offers students an academic course of study on the history and issues of racial and ethnic justice

The UALR History Department and the Institute on Race and Ethnicity offers a Minor in Race and Ethnicity to undergraduate students.

The future lies with a new generation of progressive thinkers, and student leadership is a priority of the Institute.

This academic course of study is a program that focuses on the history of race and ethnicity and topics related to racial and ethnic justice.

Contact the Department of History for advising information at 501.569.3235.  Dr. John Kirk, UALR Donaghey Professor and Chair of the History department is the advisor for the minor.

Required courses (6 hours)

  • RACE 2301 – Introduction to Race and Ethnicity (offered in the Fall)
  • HIST/RACE 4356/5356 – History of Race and Ethnicity in the United States (offered in the Spring)

Elective courses (12 hours selected from the list below and others as added and approved)

  • ANTH – 3312 North American Indians
  • ANTH – 4398 Race and Human Variation
  • CRJU  – 3310 Race, Ethnicity, and Crime
  • GEOG – 2312 Cultural Geography
  • JOUR/MCOM – 4384 Special Topics:  Images of Minorities in the Media
  • ENGL – 3326 African American Literature I
  • ENGL – 3327 African American Literature II
  • ENGL – 4350 Black Women’s Activism and Literature
  • ENGL – 4370/5370 Slavery Narratives
  • SOC   – 3340 Experiences of Black Americans
  • SOC   – 3330 Minority Groups
  • SOC   – 4395 Special Topics:  Native American History
  • HIST  – 3355 American Civil War and Reconstruction 1848-1876
  • HIST  – 3371 Colonial Latin America
  • HIST  – 3380 The Indian in American History
  • HIST  – 4327 Africa in World History
  • HIST  – 4328 South Africa in World History
  • HIST  – 4338 Holocaust
  • HIST  – 4358/5358 Civil Rights Movement Since 1954
  • HIST  – 4368 African American History to 1865
  • HIST  – 4369 African American History from 1866
  • HIST  – 4378 The History of U.S.-Latin America Relations
  • PHIL  – 4373 Philosophy of Race
  • MGMT – 4391 Employment Law
  • MUHL – 3361 Jazz History and Styles
  • SPAN – 3335 Las Culturas de Las Américas
  • SPCH – 4312 Intercultural Communication

To see a full list of classes under the Minor in Race and Ethnicity offered for the upcoming semester, use the UALR Class Search Tool.

Special projects and internships are also offered at the Institute on Race and Ethnicity. For more information, contacts us at or 501.916.3932.

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