The UALR Institute on Race and Ethnicity Welcomes its Inaugural Class of Associate Faculty Members.


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The UALR Institute on Race and Ethnicity is pleased to welcome its inaugural class of Associate Faculty members.

Associate Faculty will be featured on a dedicated Institute webpage that serves as a resource for others on campus, in Little Rock, in Arkansas, nationwide, and internationally, to connect and share interests in race and ethnicity.

The Institute will promote and support the teaching, research and service activities of Associate Faculty that advance the Institute’s mission and goals (see In return, Associate Faculty will promote and be active in the programs and initiatives of the Institute.

“The idea of recruiting Associate Faculty is to reach out to campus to see who is working on and engaging with issues of race and ethnicity and to then connect them with one another in an interdisciplinary cohort,” said Institute director Dr. John A. Kirk.

“In providing a forum for faculty to share their research, teaching, and service expertise, the Institute will be a focal point and incubator for initiatives on campus that will create new interdisciplinary classes, research initiatives and grant bids, and public policy in the area of race and ethnicity.”

Regular meetings of Associate Faculty are planned at the Institute offices on the second floor of the Ottenheimer Library to develop ideas and programs over the course of the year.

Associated Faculty Members

Dr. Laura Barrio-Vilar, Associate Professor of English

Dr. LaVerne Bell-Tolliver, Associate Professor of Social Work

Dr. Emily Berthelot, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Dr. Wariga Bowman, Associate Professor of Public Service, Clinton School of Public Service

Dr. Timothy Brown, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Dr. Michael Craw, Associate Professor of Public Administration

Dr. Erin Finzer, Interim Chairperson of Department of International and Second Language Studies and Associate Professor of Spanish

Dr. Juliana Flinn, Professor of Anthropology and Director of Nonprofit Leadership Studies

Dr. Jeff Kyong-McClain, Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Charlotte Lewellen-Williams, Director of the Center on Community Philanthropy,  Clinton School of Public Service

Dr. Jess Porter, Associate Professor of Geography

Dr. Eric Wiebelhaus-Brahm, Assistant Professor of Political Science

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