Anderson Institute Director John Kirk in the News

JAK on readioAnderson Institute director John Kirk is a regular commentator on issues of race and ethnicity in the media.

This semester he appeared in news stories on Fox 16, “What is ‘White Privilege’?” , THV 11, “UCA student’s blackface costume recalls long, troubling history,”  and KARK 4, “Hacked Email Shows Clinton Had Eye on AR,” about Martin Luther King and Robert E. Lee Day in Arkansas.

In addition he has recently contributed articles to the Arkansas Times on “The Desegregation of Van Buren Schools: Despite white students staging a strike and burning an effigy of a black student, integration prevailed in 1957”  and “Accidental Desegregation: Sixty years ago, Little Rock and other cities in Arkansas ended segregated buses because of a mistaken newspaper article.” 

Kirk also has a regular slot on UALR’s Public Radio NPR station that spotlights episodes in Arkansas civil rights history called “Arkansas Moments.” 

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