Goal Five

To serve as an information clearinghouse for campus, community, and statewide initiatives and activities related to race and ethnicity.

The Institute on Race and Ethnicity understands the importance of partnerships and working across sectors and academic disciplines in order to accomplish community goals. To that end, much of the Institute’s attention goes toward promoting and supporting the good work of others to further racial and ethnic justice.

Angela Davis visits with Dr. Laura Barrio-Vilar and her students in the African American Literature class at UALR.

The Institute relies on its website and the university’s communications department and staff to assist in this endeavor. It also takes the lead in initiating and creating a number of programs and activities that it publicizes and makes available for both internal and external access and participation. Ideally, the Institute will distinguish itself as the “go-to” source for information on issues related to race and racism in Arkansas.

Going forward, IRE will capitalize on information technologies, particularly electronic and social media, to maximize our effectiveness in this area.

We will work to accomplish Goal Five through:

  • CRHTwebsitescreenshotInstitute and Arkansas Civil Rights Heritage websites
  • Publications
  • Resource materials
  • Electronic archives
  • Newsletters
  • Media releases
  • Newspaper articles
  • Special reports

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