Goal One

To foster sustained awareness of the issues of race and ethnicity.

While the idea of a “post-racial” society is bandied about, an increase in racial profiling and growing disparities in income, health care, and education among blacks and Latinos continue to mount. The election of President Barack Obama as the first black U. S. president has in many ways intensified underlying racial tensions.


Some public policies and recent court decisions seem to have accepted the position that racism is no longer an issue or reality in America. Furthermore, because of a dramatic change in the country’s demographic composition where it is projected by 2042 ethnic minorities will constitute a numeric majority, issues of race and ethnicity must be at the fore of any collective progress.

IRE will remain vigilant in its commitment to raise awareness and consciousness about racism in Arkansas and seek to do so in a variety of creative and innovative ways.

We work to accomplish Goal One through:

  • Conferences and symposiums
  • Workshop and seminar presentations
  • Historic celebration events
  • Speaker series
  • Facilitated community discussions
  • Website publicity
  • Media releases and appearances

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