Goal Three

To build bridges and seek reconciliation through dialogue among people of different racial and ethnic groups.

The sting of racial segregation, “Jim Crow,” and years of blatant racial discrimination remain in the hearts and minds of an entire generation of U.S. residents. And although there has been considerable progress in the fight against racial oppression, some scars remain tender and slow to heal. The Institute serves as a “neutral convener” to help facilitate and encourage meaningful and healthy dialogue on and off campus about issues of race and racism.


The Chancellor’s Committee on Race and Ethnicity is an excellent example of bringing a diverse group together regularly to discuss a variety of topics dealing with race and ethnicity in a civil and non-judgmental atmosphere. A similar model is needed with other audiences both within the university and in the community with external stakeholders.

Central Arkansas will remain the primary focus for this objective, but IRE will have a presence in other communities in the state as appropriate and as opportunities present themselves.

We work to accomplish Goal Three through:

  • Group discussions
  • Community forums
  • Workshops
  • Lectures
  • Media Appearances (radio, television, and Internet)
  • Formal presentations
  • Special programs
  • Public events

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