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Purpose and Disclaimer

The purpose of the UALR Discussion Board on Race and Ethnicity is to educate and serve the UALR community by presenting and discussing data gathered during the annual Racial Attitudes surveys and conducting an open discussion of racial issues. We believe that participation in this discussion is important because it provides everyone an opportunity to share views and learn from each other.

The personal web pages of UALR students, faculty, and staff, as well as their comments on this site represent individual views and may or may not reflect the views and/or policies of the University.

Policies and Procedures


Participation in the UALR Discussion Board on Race and Ethnicity is limited to members of the UALR community (students, faculty, and staff). All participants can be identified by name and email address. All participants in the discussion board must agree to these terms of the acceptable use statement upon commenting.

Posting Comments

We welcome commentary, opinion, and reaction to posts. In order to maintain a healthy dialogue, all comment posts are subject to the following rules of exclusion and etiquette.

Rules of Exclusion

Posts that UALR reserves the right to exclude or remove:

  • Posts that are unrelated to the purpose of the discussion board
  • Defamatory statements (including libel, slander, and putting someone in a false light)
  • Statements likely to incite imminent illegal action
  • Fighting words (Racial slurs may qualify as statements that incite illegal action or as fighting words.)
  • Obscenity
  • Threats
  • Comments that infringe on the property rights of other (e.g., infringing copyright laws)

Participants can be held personally liable for any commentary deemed to be defamatory, obscene, or proprietary.

Rules of Etiquette

Before posting a comment, remember:

  • Respect the dignity and worth of each person.
  • If you are stating an opinion use “I” language. If you are stating facts that might be challenged, check your facts and cite sources.
  • Describe behaviors that you find problematic rather than, for example, labeling someone a racist.
  • If you are considering including a link, please make sure that it adds value and interest to the subject of your comment.


The UALR Discussion Board on Race and Ethnicity is not the appropriate place for dealing with personal grievances or complaints. For appropriate referral, please address such matters to

Discussion Board Administrators

A volunteer steering committee composed of members of the Chancellor’s Racial Attitudes Committee will be responsible for overall discussion group administration.


By contributing to the UALR Discussion Board on Race and Ethnicity you grant UALR the worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive right to use, publicly display, publicly perform, modify, and distribute any post or any other information submitted, in any media now known or hereinafter developed.

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