Racial Attitudes Areas of Research

UALR has conducted racial attitude surveys since 2003 designed and implemented by the UALR Institute of Government. These surveys have covered a variety of issues including religion, local government, perspectives on community, education, health and health care, economic wealth, housing and financial well-being, crime values, social conflict and trust. The results of these surveys are shared with the Arkansas community in a special conference in March of each year.

The tenth survey, was conducted in 2012 and the results released in 2013, was focused on the criminal justice system. The 10th annual conference was held Thursday, March 28, 2013. For more information, go to the 10th Annual Racial Attitudes Conference page.

Survey Focus Areas By Year

To review the results of the surveys, go to the Racial Attitudes Surveys Research Data page.

  • 2014: Focus on Class, Finances, and Business
  • 2013: Focus on Crime and Punishment (Criminal Justice System)
  • 2012: Focus on Media
  • 2011: Focus on Values, Social Conflict, and Trust
  • 2010: Focus on Crime
  • 2009: Focus on Economic Wealth, Housing, and Financial Well-Being
  • 2008: Focus on Health and Health Care
  • 2007: Focus on Education
  • 2006: Perspectives on Community
  • 2005: Focus on Local Government
  • 2004: Racial Attitudes Perceptions

Other Reports

In addition to the annual Racial Attitudes Surveys, IOG has also conducted two other research projects important to the university’s pledge to be a keeper of the flame on the subject of race.

  • 2007: UALR Campus Racial Attitudes Survey of Students – UALR believes that in order to effect change, must be accountable for becoming a diverse, multi-ethnic community characterized by an absence of institutional racism. In 2007, UALR students were surveyed about racial attitudes on campus.