Campus Change Request

If you are planning to change your campus location, time is of the essence!

You must see your academic advisor to make this request!

The deadline for advisors to request campus moves is this Friday, January 17, 2020 at Noon.

This applies to campus moves, both: Main campus to UALR Online/E-Learning campus AND

UALR Online/E-Learning Campus to Main campus, Per the Spring 2020 academic calendar.

Very few classes share offerings at both campuses simultaneously. Most classes are offered on either the Main campus Or the Online/E-Learning campus only.

Students enrolled in Main campus courses may NOT register in classes offered solely at UALR Online/E-Learning campus. Those course sections begin with the alphanumeric code, 9U.

Likewise, students enrolled in the UALR Online/E-Learning campus are restricted to register solely in course selections beginning with 9U.

Please keep in mind; you may only change campus locations once per calendar year. See your academic advisor with any questions.

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