Course Reinstatement Process – Spring 2023

If you need to be reinstated into the course(s) following a drop for non-payment please access the Course Reinstatement Form through BOSS. It will be available until Monday, January 30, at noon. To access the Course Reinstatement Form:

  1. Log into your BOSS account
  2. Select the Student Services tab
  3. Select Registration
  4. Select Course Reinstatement Form

The form will automatically pre-populate with the course(s) you were deleted from. After confirming your request to be reinstated into the course(s) and acknowledging financial and academic responsibilities, you must make financial arrangements with Financial Aid, if applicable, and the Bursar’s Office.  Reinstatement into courses is a multistep process, so please refer to this business process flowchart:

Course Reinstatement Process

To see the chart in PDF form click here:
Special Registration Process Chart update 11823

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