Create a Course

This is a reference guide on how to add a course. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Toolbar Guide
Toolbar Guide

The Term field is auto-populated for the current semester available.

Example 1

Enter ADD in the CRN field.

Example 2

Next Block (Ctrl+PageDown) so you can to enter information into the rest of the fields.


Course Section Information

Enter the Subject code needed (In this case it will be BIOL for Biology).

Example 3

Enter the course number. (For this example, it is 1000) The title will auto-populate. Titles can’t be changed unless they are Special Topics, Selected Topics, Independent Study, Seminars etc or if you are one of the departments authorized to add “Lab” to your titles.

Example 4

Enter the information for Section, Campus (If it has a U in the section, it’s an e-Learning class. Anything else is Main campus, unless specified.), Status to Open (O), Schedule Type (The subject and course number determine this option) and Part of Term.

Example 5

Make sure that Print and Voice Response and Self-Service Available are checked.

Save. A CRN will be provided after saving, which in this example is 31777. Now move onto;


Section Enrollment Information

Enter the provided information for Maximum Enrollment and any other requested fields.

Example 6

Save and move onto;


Meeting Times and Instructor

Tab over to the days (Start and End date will auto-populate based on Term entered on the Course Section Information page.) Check the boxes for any requested days and enter the time for these classes in Military time. Class Scheduling Guidelines

Military Time Converter

Fill in the Building Room and Hours per Week fields. (For online/web classes enter WEB for building and 0 for Hours per week.) Please note: Add Class requests without provided start and end times will also need to have 0 hours entered, if there is an instructor entered, so you can finish creating the class until that information is provided.

Example 7

Example 8

Save. Enter Instructor information. In the ID field, enter the Trojan number (T-Number) for the instructor.

Example 8


The course is now created.

Bonus Information

Deleting a class

If you make any mistakes in your class creation such as wrong part of term or wrong section number, you can just delete everything and start with a new Add class.

To do this, select any field in Course Section Information (I use the Subject field). Then go to the top of the Banner form and select Record>Remove or press Alt, R, R.
This should delete all information entered. Save and then Click the green arrow to rollback and start the Add class process again.