Nonfiction Concentration (MA)

The nonfiction writing concentration in UA Little Rock’s MA program focuses on narrative writing, informative writing, and persuasive writing in a wide range of genres, formats, and contexts. Students in this concentration may produce essays, memoirs, biographies, autobiographies, multimedia and interactive narratives, journal articles, books, and book proposals, to name just a few of the possibilities.

In addition, the nonfiction concentration includes our department’s courses on the teaching of writing in secondary and higher education. Students in this concentration may learn both about teaching in the classroom and teaching in one-on-one tutoring situations, such as writing centers.

Courses that count toward the nonfiction concentration include

  • RHET 5202 Teaching Writing in Secondary Schools
  • RHET 5301 Theories of Rhetoric and Writing
  • RHET 5305 Document Design
  • RHET 5315 Advanced Persuasive Writing
  • RHET 5317 The Personal Essay
  • RHET 5318 The Memoir
  • RHET 5321 Editing for Publication
  • RHET 5324 Publishing Inside Out
  • RHET 5325 Legal Writing, Reasoning, and Argument
  • RHET 5326 Technology of the Book
  • RHET 5345 Topics in Persuasive Writing
  • RHET 5347 Topics in Nonfiction Writing
  • RHET 7310 Composition Theory
  • RHET 7312 Language Theory
  • RHET 7314 Theory of Creative Nonfiction
  • RHET 7320 Working with Writers
  • RHET 7371 Online Writing Instruction
  • RHET 7372 Multimedia in Online Writing Instruction
  • RHET 7373 Topics in Online Writing Instruction
  • RHET 7150, 7250, 7350 Independent Study
  • RHET 7360 Internship/Practicum (Writing Center internship or first-year composition teaching practicum)