Cooper Honors Seminar, “Christopher Marlowe”
Fall 2004

Getting Started on “Expert” Topic

Marlowe and sources:
1. Virgil’s Aeneid, especially Book 4
2. Ovid’s Amores
3. Holinshed’s Chronicles, the story of Edward II
4. the Faust Book
Marlowe’s prosody, the “mighty line”
1. Levinson, Jill. “Working Words: The Verbal Dynamic of Tamburlaine," in Friedenreich (below), 99-116.
2. McDonald, Russ. "Marlowe and style," in Cheney (below), 55-69.
Marlowe in repertory (hands off! this one's mine)
1. Henslowe’s Diary, ed. R. A. Foakes, 2nd ed. Cambridge: CUP, 2002. pp. 16-60 + Marlowe items in the index
2. Knutson, Roslyn L. “Marlowe Reruns,” in Deats and Logan (below), 25-42.
3. McMillin, Scott and Sally-Beth MacLean. The Queen’s Men and their Plays. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998.
Marlowe and biography
1. Kuriyama, Constance. Christopher Marlowe: A Renaissance Life. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2002.
2. Nicholl, Charles. The Reckoning. New York: Harcourt Brace & Co, 1992.
Marlowe and sexuality (gender; manhood; women)
1. Bray, Alan. Homosexuality in Renaissance England. Boston, MA: Gay Men’s Press, 1982, 1988.
2. Smith, Bruce. Homosexual Desire in Shakespeare’s England. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1991.
Marlowe and performance (Eliz, modern; film: either Richard Burton's Faustus or the Derek Jarman film of Edward II)
1. Fuller, David. “Tamburlaine the Great in Performance,” in Deats and Logan (below), 61-81
2. Potter, Lois. “Marlowe onstage: the deaths of the author,” in Downie and Parnell (below), 88-101; and "Marlowe in theater and film," in Cheney (below), 262-81.
Marlowe’s influence and reputation
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Marlowe’s texts
1. Kuriyama, Constance.“Dr. Greg and Dr. Faustus: The Supposed Originality of the 1616 Text,” English Literary Renaissance, 5 (1975): 171-97.
2. Maguire, Laurie. "Marlovian texts and authorship," in Cheney (below), 41-54.
Marlowe and genre:
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