Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance

The following is the Web page I posted in the wake of a presentation I made on Wednesday, June 27, 2007, during a workshop for AP teachers in Arkansas. I've "updated" it only a little.

Please note: I neglected to say, much less to emphasize, in my presentation on Wednesday (6/27) that I would be happy to come to your school to do a workshop (preferably at least two hours) if you would like the pedagogy of teaching through performance demonstrated more fully to your colleagues. I need to have at least 10 teachers as participants, though; any fewer and it is hard to get a good sense of the activities. I will come to you, wherever in the state your school is, public, private, or parochial. Just get in touch. My e-mail, again, is RLKnutson@ualr.edu.

Also, check out the information on my Web site about the Shakespeare Scene Festival, and join us in March 2009. One sub-text to the film clip in my demonstration was that your class can have 10 minutes or 30; you all can do Shakespeare "straight" or freshly interpreted; or, you can bring your class/es just to watch (we love to have an audience, and the students are enthusiastic playgoers).

Exercises Demonstrated

The following exercises were demonstrated as part of a presentation for AP Teachers at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, 27 June 2007:


Please note: I ran out of time before I could do the "Cinna," "Macbeth," and video exercises. If my instructions on these don't make sense, get in touch with me and I'll explain further.


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