for Writing Assignments in World Literature 2337

(see the syllabus for the dates papers are due)


I: Writing Assignment #1:

Cultural Issues: **We have been working with three cultural issues since the beginning of the term: religion, gender roles & sexual relations, and images of the hero. Below are some broad categories of additional cultural issues:

Public issues could include the following:

Private issues have more to do with the individual and his/her sense of self; these are identifiable by asking about the following:

For Writing Assignment #1, choose one cultural issue as it arises in Mary Shelley's novel (for example, religion (the god-man relationship), or gender [Elizabeth!], or the concept of the hero (Dr. Frankenstein, or the creature??); another big and significant issue is technology (how does Shelley treat science?); personal vs communal values is also a major concern in the novel, as is man’s relationship to nature

Consider these elements of the essay for Writing Assignment #1:

II. Writing Assignment #2, due on May 6th @ 10:30 am; it is part of the final exam:

Choosing Cry, the Beloved Country or Snow White, write an essay in which you explore a cultural issue in the novel and relate it to the culture in which you live.

How does this assignment differ from Writing Assignment #1? It adds the component of comparison/contrast with your own culture. For example, if you want to talk about male stereotypes (or female stereotypes) in Snow White, you will need to discuss not only what the novel provides but also what you see in the world you live in (real life, TV & movies, magazines, etc.).

Consider the same elements of an essay as for Writing Assignment #1: introduction (with nest and thesis); middle paragraphs with supporting evidence from the text (including quotations); and a conclusion that indicates the point or significance of the argument you have made for a clearer understanding of the novel.

You may, if you prefer, incorporate the "current" cultural situation into your intro & conclusion, leaving the middle paragraphs to discuss the novel only. BUT be sure that you provide a substantial treatment of "current" issues (50:50 is ideal, but I will accept a 35:65 ratio).

Writing Assignment #2 should be 4-6 pages (1250-1500 words).

**Any paper with undocumented source material (from the library, from the Web, from friends) will receive a "0."
If you use the Web or another resource for information on current cultural situations, but absolutely sure you provide sufficient documentation in the essay itself and on a Works Cited page. For published sources, this means publication information (author, title, place of publication, house of publication, date); for Web sites, this means the URL. For Web sites, additionally, print out the first page of each site used and hand these in with your paper.