Threat Response

Low Level: Law enforcement investigation may not be necessary, but the information will be retained by campus police for future reference. Appropriate intervention may involve university administrative units as deemed necessary.

Intervention can involve:

  • Interviews with the individuals who have knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the threat
  • Documenting the intervention and utilizing the university’s discipline process
  • Referral to counseling

Medium Level: Law enforcement investigation will commence, along with intervention by other appropriate administrative units.

The intervention will involve interviews with the individuals who have knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the threat along with recommendation (s) to the appropriate university officials to minimize the threat such as:

  • Restricting access to the campus
  • Directing the person to have no contact with individuals or groups identified as the target of the threat
  • Mandatory counseling referral
  • Law enforcement action

High Level: Immediate law enforcement intervention along with intervention by appropriate administrative units.

  • In cases where the person making the threat is an immediate danger to himself or others, the campus police will escort the individual to UAMS for psychiatric evaluation.
  • An arrest may be made or warrant issued for any violation(s) of Arkansas State Law.
  • The office of the Dean of Students may restrict access to campus.

The level of threat can change over time and/or with additional information about the threat, the person(s) making the threat, or the surrounding circumstances. The response will change as these additional factors become known and evaluated by the team.

Team responses to threats will be evaluated at the quarterly meetings to gather the information that will assist in determining whether a threat has been addressed and to formulate responses to future threats.