Testing and Review

On February 15, 2011, UA Little Rock staged a tabletop exercise to measure the campus response to a tornado event on the main campus. The participants included representatives from the Little Rock Office of Emergency Services and UA Little Rock representatives from Student Services, Facilities Management, Housing, Office of the Provost, Finance, Police Department, and Communications.

Matt Burks, the Little Rock OES Director, developed the scenario and facilitated the interaction between the participants. The scenario included damage to campus buildings, interruption of normal business activities, and injuries to staff and students. The guide for the campus response was the UA Emergency Management plan. The interaction among the participants was very useful in identifying areas that require reliable communication, redundancy and cooperation in an emergency event.

The current plan for the 2012 exercise is to stage another tornado event to test the lessons learned in 2011.

cartThe Emergency Management Plan’s emergency response and evacuation procedures are tested annually.

  • The exercise will alternate tabletop scenarios and field scenarios or will consist of a combination of the two.
  • The exercise will normally be announced in advance, but will be unannounced in random years.
  • The UA Little Rock Police Department will collaborate with Student Services and the Facilities Management in planning and executing the annual exercise.
  • A summary of the exercise stating date and time, whether it was announced or unannounced, the exercise scenario, university departments involved, any outside agencies involved, and notification systems tested will be included in the Annual Safety Report.

Additionally, the plan will be reviewed following an event that requires the activation of the Emergency Response Team.

The Emergency Response Team will convene within 2 weeks of the restoration of normal business to recommend any changes to the emergency management plan.

The Emergency Management Plan may be reviewed at the request of the UA Little Rock administration at any time.