University Regulations: False Alarms, Firearms, and Arson

False Reporting of Emergencies

Any student(s) making a false report of a bomb, fire, or other emergency in any building, structure, or facility on UA Little Rock premises or university-related premises by means of activating a fire alarm or in any other manner has committed a serious offense, and will be subject to separation from the university.

Possession of Firearms and Other Dangerous Weapons or Explosives

Any possession or use of firearms, dangerous weapons, or explosives of any kind is prohibited. A dangerous weapon is to include any instrument of offensive or defensive combat or anything used, or designated to be used, in destroying or injuring a person or thing. (A firearm or dangerous weapon includes, but is not limited to: pistols, rifles, handguns, BB guns, pellet guns, knives, slingshots, bows and arrows, etc.)

Any student or group of students in violation of this regulation will be subject to separation from the university.

Starting Fires or Other Acts of Arson

Any student starting fires or committing other acts of arson in or on university-owned or university-controlled property, facilities, and equipment without authority is subject to separation from the university.