Trojan Campus Safety App

Trojan Campus Safety App Icon

The Trojan Campus Safety App has been designed to provide quick access to essential safety resources, emergency alerts, and a range of safety features to ensure that you have the information you need to stay safe and informed while on campus.

Key Features of the Campus Trojan Safety App:

  • Emergency Alerts: Receive timely notifications about campus emergencies, weather-related issues, or other critical information.
  • Safety Resources: Access important safety guidelines, contact information, and resources right at your fingertips.Report Incidents: Report incidents or safety concerns directly through the app to our campus security team.
  • Campus Maps: Easily navigate our campus using the app’s interactive maps, helping you find your way more efficiently.
  • Friend Walk: Request a friend to virtually walk with you, ensuring you feel safer when moving around campus.

Your safety is our top priority, and we encourage all members of our campus community to download and install the Trojan Campus Safety App to take advantage of its features
and benefits.