Michael Allen Lasiter Endowed Scholarship

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Michael Allen Lasiter grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he starting working in the construction industry early in life.  By the age of 12, he could help his father repair and stripe parking lots. By the time he graduated high school in 1984, Michael was experienced and seasoned in the construction business. He quickly became a partner with his father in Lasiter Asphalt Maintenance, a small asphalt repair company.  Michael eventually grew that company into Redstone Construction, one of the largest highway and asphalt construction companies in Arkansas.

Over the years, under Michael’s leadership, Redstone grew by leaps and bounds because of Michael’s eagerness to succeed and his ability to motivate his employees to reach their full potential. He was a mentor to all that knew him. He firmly believed in educating oneself to achieve more.

Michael led Redstone into innovative and new areas in construction.  In 2007, Redstone became the first company in Arkansas to recycle waste asphalt and concrete. What were previously waste products going into landfills were now being put back into the jobs to help save costs and become more environmentally friendly. By early 2011, Michael led Redstone Construction to purchase a rock quarry.  With little prior knowledge, he started studying and asking questions about the quarrying business. Within one year, Michael’s company was producing stone aggregate. That venture helped Redstone Construction take its next step of adding multiple asphalt plants, enabling it to pursue larger highway work—something that was previously off limits to any company without its own rock supply.  Under Michael’s excellent leadership, Redstone saw constant business growth and the future of Redstone Construction could see no end.

In late 2015, Michael was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  He took that challenge like he took life, with no fear and full steam ahead. He immersed himself into studying and learning everything he could about bladder cancer.  He sought out the best medical advice this country had to offer and religiously followed the treatment plans. Michael continued to make plans for his company’s future growth and success. Two short months after his 50th birthday, Michael lost his battle with cancer.

Michael’s life was one of learning and teaching.  He learned from every situation he encountered.  His can-do attitude enabled him to motivate others from the things he had learned.  He led by example.  He never backed away from any challenge.  His legacy will undoubtedly be carried on by everyone he mentored.

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