Northeast Regional Tournament

Arkansas State University – Newport will host the Northeast Arkansas Science Olympiad Regional tournament on Saturday February 22, 2020. The host website is

The events for this regional tournament are listed in the following table.

Division B Events Division C Events
Boomilever Boomilever
Circuit Lab Chemistry Lab
Density Lab Circuit Lab
Disease Detectives Designer Genes
Experimental Design Disease Detectives
Heredity Experimental Design
Mousetrap Vehicle Ornithology
Ornithology Water Quality

The teams assigned to the Northeast Regional tournament are listed in the table below.

Division B

Team Number
LISA Academy West Team 1 B01
LISA Academy West Team 2 B02
LISA Academy Chenal B03
Nettleton Jr High School B04
Cabot Junior High School South B05

Division C

Team Number
Parkview High School Team 1 C01
Parkview High School Team 2 C02
The Academies at Jonesboro High School C03
Little Rock Central High School – Gold C04
Little Rock Central High School – Black C05
Little Rock Central High School – Tiger C06
Nettleton Jr High School C07