Science skills (freshmen experience course)

Science skills is a three-credit course taken by first-year students in the USS Program. The advantages gained by students in the course are that they 1) get to know each other and have the opportunity to form a peer support group, 2) get to know resources and support persons at UALR, 3) learn skills that are important for scientists (e.g., how to read scientific papers, choose the appropriate graph for the type of data, construct professional-looking graphs in Excel, process data with Excel, statistically analyze data, give professional presentations, etc.), 4) discover the research interests of a variety of scientists at UALR via lectures, interviewing them, and visiting their labs, and 5) get to know know the instructors of the course, who are the directors of the USSP and the students’ advisors.

At the end of the semester, students in this class are enthusiastic about what they learned and they eagerly look forward to USSP activities in the spring semester.