Possible Science Careers

Scientific study has led us to a much deeper understanding of how the world works-and we still have many, many questions. This improved understanding of the physical and biological world has led to many improvements in our way of life, as well as problems resulting from such changes.

Many careers are possible with a degree in biology, chemistry, physics, or mathematics. Some of the careers are not even invented yet! For example, the development of methods to measure the ratio of stable isotopes (e.g., carbon-12 and carbon-13) created new fields. It has enabled biologists to study energy flow in ecosystems, food chemists to identify the geographic sources of various food products, and geologists to understand high-temperature rock-fluid interactions.

One important trend in science is that many projects that scientists work on are very interdisciplinary in nature. You must be able to think about your field as it relates to other scientific fields and know enough about other fields to communicate with specialists in those fields. Furthermore, you must be able to work with many different types of people, ranging from scientists to the public. USSP will give you experience working with groups and with a diversity of topics and projects.

Below is just a sampling of the career opportunities that could await you:

Atmospheric scientist
Conservation biologist
Crop improvement researcher
Environmental scientist
Environmental lawyer
Exhibit developer for museums, parks, zoos, and nature centers
Food chemist
Forensic specialist
GIS (geographic information systems) specialist
Industrial chemist
Marine biologist
Molecular biologist
Nature guide
Petroleum geologist
Public policy developer
Recombinant gene technologist
Science journalist
Science librarian
Teacher—from middle school to university
Wildlife and fisheries manager

If you aren’t persuaded that science has a myriad of opportunities and exciting challenges, just surf the web and search for “careers in biology,” “careers in chemistry,” “careers in physics,”or “careers in mathematics.” It won’t take you long before you discover great opportunities abound!