How can I apply to USSP?

You need to complete several forms to apply to the University Science Scholars Program:

  • Fill out and submit the UALR Academic Scholarship Application form on-line at ( This is a universal application form for most scholarships at UALR including the University Science Scholars Program.
  • Submit a 500 word essay to USSP as an email attachment ( or by mail on your interests, goals, accomplishments, and work habitats
  • Have two teachers submit confidential letters of recommendation to us by mail or email (
  • Submit your application by February 1 so that you are eligible for most scholarships at UALR. However, we will consider applications for USSP at any time.
  • Send us an e-mail ( with your name and address indicating that you have applied to UALR . We then will download your scholarship application form, transcripts, ACT scores, and other materials from UALR’s database and use them for the Science Scholars application.  If you do not tell us that you are applying, we will not know to look for your records.
  • We encourage you to fill out and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (on-line at so that you might qualify for needs-based financial aid. Submitting this form on-line is faster and easier but you can submit a paper form.