Retaining the Scholarship

An important purpose of the science scholarship is to provide students with sufficient money so that they can concentrate full-time on their schoolwork. If students work full-time on school, they probably will have no trouble meeting the requirements to retain their scholarship.

The specific requirements for retaining the scholarship or renewing it each year are:
• completing a minimum of 27 credits as a freshman and 30 credits as an upperclassman during the academic year (i.e., maintaining full-time status);
• completing courses in the major as recommended by the USSP advisor(s);
• maintaining a minimum cumulative overall grade point average of 3.25 and a major GPA of 3.0.

We strongly recommend that students do not work during the school year except under special circumstances. Inform the director of the Science Scholars Program about any employment. Employment and wages could jeopardize the student’s eligibility for financial aid based on their financial need. Moreover, work could jeopardize a student’s academic progress and retention of the scholarship. A common problem with students who are not fortunate enough to receive much financial aid is that they have to work too many hours and they try to maintain full-time student status. As a result, their grades suffer, they have to make up or repeat courses in the summer, and they often drop out a semester to work; thus, it takes them much longer than four years to complete a degree and they often have bad grades on their transcripts. Our reservations about outside work by USSP students is to prevent overcommitment by students that leads to poor academic achievement and delays in finishing degrees.