SGA Student Choice Awards

Certain Student choice awards are open nominations or are selected through application basis, while others are selected by SGA representatives.

The following awards are picked by the SGA representatives every year:

Faculty Member of the Year

2018: Dr. Joseph Giammo
Chair, Department of Political Science

2017: Dr. Rebecca A. Glazier
Associate Professor, School of Public Affairs

2016: Dr. Kristen McIntyre
Professor, Department of Speech and Communication

2015: Dr. Jeffrey Walker
Chair, Department of Criminal Justice

2012: Dr. Terry Trevino-Richard
Professor, Department of Sociology

2011: Thomas Wallace
Professor/Webmaster Department of Engineering and Information Technology

2010: Christy Jackson
Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

2008: Michael Kleine
Professor Department of Rhetoric and Writing

2007: Jacek Lubecki
Assistant Professor Dept. of Political Science

2006: Julie Piering
Assistant Professor Dept. of Philosophy & Liberal Studies

2005: Toran Isom
Instructor Dept. of Rhetoric & Writing

Administrator of the Year

2018: Richard E. Harper, II
Associate Dean of Students

2017: Dr. Amber Smith
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

2016: Dr. Brad Patterson
Vice-Provost, Dean of Students

2015: Bob Denman
Vice Chancellor, Alumni and Development

2012: Dr. Sandra Robertson
Interim Provost, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost

2011: Christian O’Neal
Executive Director, Alumni Association

2010: Dr. Mary L. Good
Dean, Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology

2009: Preston Slayden
Division Chief Dean of Students

2008: Cynthia Milazzo
Associate Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

2007: Gary Heidt
Professor and Chair, Dept. of Biology

2006: Mary C. Boaz
Director Alumni Relations

2005: Jerry Stevenson
Associate Vice Chancellor Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost

2004: David Belcher
Provost & VC for Academic Affair, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost

Staff Member of the Year

2018: Bryan Green
Campus Living Administrative Assistant II

2017: Jennifer Dodson
Director, Student Experience Center

2016: Betsy Hart
Assistant Direction, Community Connection Center

2015: Richard Wolford
Administrative Assistant, Office of Campus Life

2012: Daniel Spillers
Project/Progam Specialist, Information Technology Services

2011: Robert “Bob” Hoffman
Skilled Tradesman, Donaghey Student Center

2010: Logan Hampton
Director, Donaghey Student Center

2009: Kamika Gaines
Reasearch Assistant, Office of Campus Life

2008: Tashayla Collins-Williams
Minority Student Advocate, Office of Campus Life

2007: Sylvester Cartwright
Research Assistant, Office of Testing Services and Student Life Research

2006: Melanie Thornton, Katy Evans, Pamela Barnes, Cheryl Wilcox, Betsy Domingue, Justin Hicks, Andy Firth, Susan Queller, Sharon Downs
Disability Resource Center Collective

2005: Barbara Silaski
Adult Student Advocate, Office of Campus Life

2004: Bob Arrington
Assistant Director, Donahey Student Center