Give to the T-Shirt Fund

The Shakespeare Scene Festival welcomes supporters and contributors to its fund to provide each student performer with a T-shirt to commemorate his or her day upon the boards. Listed below are current supporters, who have provided cash and/or custom to the festival. We are extremely grateful for their generosity. To become a supporter, make a check out to the Shakespeare Scene Festival and send it to the English Department. (Please include “t-shirts” on the memo line.)

The mailing address is:

University of Arkansas at Little Rock
English Department, SH 501
2801 S. University Ave.
Little Rock, AR, 72204

There is no minimum contribution. At $6 a shirt,

  • $90 supports a class of 15
  • $180 supports a class of 30 students
  • $360 sponsors two classes

Sponsors will be listed in the SSF program, with our thanks.

Recent T-Shirt Designs

2013 Logo

2013 Logo

2012 Logo

2012 Logo

Current Supporters

  • Wright, Lindsey & Jennings, LLP
  • Fred Darragh Foundation
  • Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
  • Libby and Griffin Smith
  • Elisa and Dr. Ashley Ross
  • Joy and Henry Broach
  • Fallon A. Davis, DDS
  • Calvin and Betsy Hagan
  • Susie and Jerry Markham
  • Jack and Bobbie Blackshear
  • Wanda and Don Barrow
  • Anne and Gus Fulk
  • Carolyn and David Newbern
  • Matilda Buchanan
  • Margem and John Gill
  • Alice Ann Munson
  • Brian and Mary Knutson
  • Ross and Barbara Holiman
  • Glenda Moring

Special Thanks

  • Wayne Chapman, Associate Professor, Department of Theatre Arts and Dance
  • Carl Wick, Department of Theatre Arts and Dance
  • Jay Raphael, Chair, Department of Theatre Arts and Dance
  • Cheryl Chapman, Director, UALR Children International
  • Deborah Baldwin, Dean, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science
  • Trey Philpotts, Chair, Department of English
  • Brad Minnick, Director of English Education
  • Zabelle Stodola, Director, Dr. William G. Cooper, Jr., Honors Program in English
  • Alice Ann Munson, English Department, for the loan of the Shakespeare doll
  • Julia Markham, NLRHS-West, development activities
  • Susan Rose, LSC Marketing, for the T-shirts