Amber Brossett

Photo of Amber Brossett.

With a BA in Criminal Justice and an interest in First-Responder Mental Health, Little Rock native, Amber Brossett entered into UA Little Rock’s MSW program in 2013. Her work with the Student Social Work Organization (SSWO) led her professor, Dr. Lillian Wichinsky to recommend her for a Summer Independent Study. Working with Gigi Peters at MidSOUTH as part of the Attorney General’s Task Force on Human Trafficking, Amber attended focus groups in communities throughout the state, collecting and transcribing qualitative data.

Amber’s work so impressed the Attorney General that she was invited to present her findings to the entire Task Force. Amber was humble about her work with MidSOUTH, crediting her achievements to the guidance and encouragement of her professors. However, Gigi Peters described Amber as “a ball of energy!” and suggested accolades for her efforts. Amber said that she was excited to be able to continue working with the Task Force on Human Trafficking that fall during her Management and Community-Practice Internship with MidSOUTH. Amber also continued to be active on-campus in the Student Social Work Organization (SSWO), and was elected President of that organization.

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