Faculty and Student Research Presentations and Research

Faculty and Student Research Presentations and Research

1. Gerontology Presentations

Dr. Otters was a guest speaker in three undergraduate classes in April. 2016.  Her topic: 

“What Has Age Got To Do With It?” 


Students learned that there are a number of ways to look at older adulthood. Society may not

favor older adults when they are viewed by their chronological age alone. Aging is a variable

that goes across the life course and does not begin at any one age. We all may be more capable than

our chronological age alone suggests, whether we are young or old.


Many undergraduate and graduate students take one or more courses in gerontology as electives. 

Graduate students can also earn the Gerontology Graduate Certificate as they earn the MSW by 

applying for the Gerontology Graduate Certificate Program.


2. Southern Gerontology Society Conference:  Dr. Otters gave two presentations

     in Virginia at this regional gerontology conference. April 2016


   a) Characteristics of Homelessness: A Comparison of Older Adults Over 50 with Younger Adults 

       Dr. Carolyn Turturro and Dr. Rosalie Otters 


Students in both the BSW and MSW programs have for a number of years, led by Dr. Turturro, surveyed the Little Rock homeless in periodic homeless counts. Some results of their data collection are found in this study. Forty percent of respondents were age 50 or above. There is a need for targeted resources to help alleviate homelessness among older adults in coming years. 


    b)The Social Aspects of Death and Dying: Classroom and Online Teaching  Dr. Rosalie Otters 


Many BSW undergraduates and MSW graduate students take this elective gerontology course. The psychosocial aspects were explored.


3. BSW Student Award from NASW, poster presentation, March 2016   

Dr. Turturro’s undergraduate statistics course had several groups from her class enter the poster presentations portion of the NASW conference in March 2016 and one of the groups from the class won.

The group that won presented on data related to homelessness.

4. UALR Research Expo April 2016 Dr. Turturro, advisor