UALR Student Social Work Organization

The School of Social Work has a vibrant, engaged student social work group. Members are drawn from the undergraduate (BSW) and graduate (MSW) programs. Meetings are held regularly during the day and in the late afternoon before evening classes begin.

The Student Social Work Organization’s mission is to represent, lead and unify the student body within the School of Social Work, to decide and act responsibly for the students’ interests and to work with the Faculty and Administration within the School of Social Work and of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in the pursuit of our mutual interests and more.

Officers for the 2016-17 academic year are:

President– Roger Powell

Vice President– Jeff Morris

Secretary– Sarah Carter

Treasurer– Nachosha Johnson

Historian– Lauren Chambless

Co-Historian– Casey Bradley

At-Large Rep – Geletta Shavers

At-Large Rep – Destiny Turner

At-Large Rep – Mercedes Jamerison

At-Large Rep – Samantha Golden

Descriptions of the officer positions may be found here. Current by-laws may be found here.

Past and current newsletters may be downloaded below (in .pdf format)

May 2016

December 2015


Roger Powell

My name is Roger Powell and I am current President of SSWO. I am family oriented and my passion is service. I enjoy a good laugh and good conversation. I am driven, always pushing myself to succeed. Thank you social work students for electing me to represent you as your President!







SSWO Officers-06

Destiny Turner

My name is Destiny Turner (soon-to-be McGee). I am a second year student in the MSW program (ADP Concentration). I have a big love for school & strive to be the best student I can be while doing the most good for the student organizations along the way. I am currently the Phi Alpha Honor Society President, NASW MSW Student Representative, & the SSWO Member At-Large (MSW). I enjoy staying busy and engaged in our program, but I am very eager to graduate and get married this upcoming May!