The mission of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology is to provide high-quality programs of teaching, research, scholarship, and service within the disciplines of sociology and anthropology, thereby contributing to the advancement of the larger missions of our college and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. The department draws on the diverse strengths and expertise of a highly dedicated faculty, with Ph.D. degrees from prestigious and nationally recognized universities throughout the nation.

Our core values include a commitment to the following:

  • Multicultural diversity
  • Academic freedom
  • Respect for the intellectual diversity of faculty and students
  • A work environment characterized by mutual respect, trust, and collegiality
  • Excellence in teaching through high quality instruction
  • Respect for and commitment to student needs and success
  • Excellence in research and scholarship through presentations at regional, national, and international forums, publication in respected venues, and high quality primary research

Courses offered by the department are designed to help students acquire an analytical understanding of basic social processes, statuses, and roles in institutions. This understanding is designed to help them achieve a liberal education as well as prepare them for career opportunities in sociology and anthropology while providing a sound foundation for those who plan to undertake graduate studies in these fields.