Cindy Conger Talks Pre-retirement Planning

Pre-retirement planning can be the most anxious time in a person’s financial life. The transition from accumulating assets on autopilot to taking retirement income is perilous enough under ordinary economic circumstances, let alone during the time of tremendous economic uncertainty in which we find ourselves. In a brief seminar, provided to UALR employees preparing to retire, Cindy Conger of Conger Wealth Management will show you how to get your finances in gear for your golden years.

When: Tuesday, November 8
Time: 11 am – Noon
Where: Donaghey Student Center, Room A
Refreshments will be served.
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She will address:

  • Making sure you have enough money to last as long as you need it, even during recessions
  • How to take control of expenses to get the most value from your income
  • Structuring your liquid savings to give you the confidence and wherewithal to deal with unexpected expenses, even on a fixed income
  • How to clearly understand costs across different investments, and choose between them
  • Why smart tax diversification on your retirement accounts matters and how to title your investments wisely

Cindy will also give her outlook on the major economic concerns of our day. She will discuss:

  • Social Security’s future and likely fixes, and how that will impact you
  • Current market volatility compared with markets in the past 30 years
  • U.S. debt levels and other sovereign debt from a historical perspective

This “worry killing” seminar will give you the tools you need to start planning your retirement transition with confidence.

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