Open House Auction List Grows

The Open House committee has a growing list of both online and tea-cup auction items. Get your tickets soon! More information
Current online auction items:

  • Dell Inspirion 10.1 inch Notebook
  • 2 Tickets Murray Dinner Playhouse
  • One Year Family Membership
  • Notebook Docking Station
  • Autographed Picture of UAF Basketball Coach Mike Anderson

Tea-cup auction items:

  • Brand new 26 inch Professional Tool Box
  • $30.00 gift certificate Dixie Café
  • $25.00 gift certificate for class at the “Arkansas Art Center”
  • $25.00 Gift Card Barnes & Noble
  • 5 tickets to the Aquarium Hot Springs
  • Ladies attire (blazer, blouses, skirts)
  • Picture frames
  • Scented candles and arrangements
  • 16 piece dinnerware set
  • Lockon Platinum DVD-PC Flight Simulator
  • The Civil War DVD set
  • New wooden CD caddy
  • (4) small lamp shades
  • Cell phone holders
  • Red fuzzy scarf
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Vanilla Jasmine Bathe Set including shower gel, lotion, cream bath and body puff

Please contact the following people for tickets:
Dan Shelton, Library 512G, 569-8496
Sandra Bates-Slaughter, Etas 203, 569-8133
Sylvester Cartwright, Ross Hall 411, 569-8687
Emily Gentle, ADN 101, 569-8630
Antoinette Luna, 2nd Floor SUB, 916-5025

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