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Staff Senate is a group of full time classified/non-classified employees who serve the university through staff advocacy, community outreach, staff recognition, and professional development.

Want to know more about what we do? Here is a list of Staff Senate’s accomplishments over the past year:

  • Our Open House was a huge success this year by raising almost $1500 to go to our Helping Hands campaign.
  • Our Helping Hands campaign provided a full holiday meal to a record breaking 150 families at UALR!
  • Our Professional Development committee has hosted 6 different workshops for the campus and was integral in bringing Toastmasters to UALR!
  • Our Issues and Concerns committee has passed several resolutions on behalf of staff members. Also, coming soon to our website is a virtual suggestion box for any staff member to make suggestions for the committee to pursue.
  • Our Blood Drive committee has collected over 150 units of blood so far this year. That is potentially 450+ lives saved!
  • Our Kroger community rewards program fundraiser has raised almost $1000 to go towards our efforts in community outreach and scholarship. This is done by simply shopping at Kroger!
  • We have hosted fundraisers across campus to assist in these efforts, including dinner at Moo-Yahs and US Pizza. We also had our wooden roses sale for Administrative Assistant Appreciation day and there are more to come in the next month!
  • Our Public Outreach committee is very active in donating needed items to Our House, a local charity who assists the homeless. We are also organizing donations for a staff member who lost everything in a fire.
  • At the annual Staff Awards Ceremony, we recognized 207 staff members for their years of service and accomplishments in retirement and graduation. We also recognized 3 individuals for Service to Community, Personal Growth, and Service to UALR. Did I mention those awards come with $1000?

As you can see, Staff Senate keeps busy throughout the year and brings a lot to this campus.

If this is an organization you would like to be a part of, please start telling your co-workers now. Later in May, electronic ballots will go out to your UALR e-mail address and you will be allowed to vote for 5 of your colleagues to represent you on Staff Senate. You will receive the ballot that corresponds with your Vice Chancellor/Chancellor report group. So let people know that you want to serve so they know to vote for you!

If you have any questions about Staff Senate, please either contact Rikki Turner, Staff Senate President, or one of the following officers or committee chairs:

Past President: Brad Patterson
President-Elect: Chelsea Ward
Secretary: Michele Curd
Treasurer: Sandra Bates-Slaughter
Parliamentarian: Sylvester Cartwright
Communications Officer: Sarah Travis
Open House Committee Chair: Christopher Hickman
Helping Hands Committee Chair: Armenta Lockhart
Professional Development Committee Chair: Shanna Morris
Awards Ceremony Committee Chair: Keesha Raino
Issues and Concerns Committee Chair: Amy Frets
Public Outreach Committee Chair: Frances Frazier
Blood Drive Committee Chair: Dan Shelton

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