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Dave Ramsey Spring 2014

The cost is $129 per family for all of the educational materials, including Dave’s book The Total Money Makeover and 6 months of access to Dave’s CORE Financial Wellness program which includes video lessons, budgeting software, and many other financial tools and resources to help change your family’s financial future. This is a Staff Senate outreach and wellness program, not a fundraiser. UALR Staff Senate will collect the funds and remit one check for the program but every dollar is used to fund the program here at UALR. The eight-week course will begin Monday, Feb. from 6 p.m. -7:45 p.m. and continue for 7 consecutive weeks (skipping 3/24 for Spring Break) and end Monday, March 31. The first part of the program will be Dave teaching the lesson via DVD and the last portion of the course is a facilitated group discussion.
    If you choose payroll deduction, you can stretch the cost of the course over up to 4 pay periods, starting Nov. 30. You can also write a personal check or use a money order to pay for the course. The last day to pay for the course will be Friday, Jan. 17, 2014.
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