Senator Sit-down: Arrayon Farlough

Arrayon 1Job title:   Assistant Director of Testing

Department:   Office of Testing Services and Student Life Research

Years at UALR
: 4 (as a student) 2.5 (staff member)

Years on Staff Senate
: >1 (I’m a first timer officially. Unofficially I’ve been “voluntold” to assist with Staff Awards and Helping Hands for 2.5 years)

Role in Staff Senate
:  Development Committee (Fundraising) Chair

Best part of your job:   In my role I get to help everyone. I assist students in getting into the classes the need and testing out of the ones they don’t. I assist the faculty by administering exams and proctoring their students so that they can maintain the integrity of their classes and focus on what they love, content. I also work with the community offering them exams to get licensed or certified to seek employment in their field. Lastly, my role in Staff Senate allows me to participate in community service projects and raise funds for programs and events that support the staff. I believe that everyone walks away from my office feeling as if they accomplished something and that is gratifying. :-)

Working at UALR is:   Fun! I’m doing what I love with people that I enjoy being around. Plus, there’s always something going on. I get to live the college life forever!

Staff Senate is special to me because:  It is important to me to recognize the people who keep this place running everyday. The staff at UALR are the front line. They offer support to students, faculty, and administration. Staff senate is instrumental in supporting them back and letting people know, “Hey! You do a great job. You’ve been doing it for years and we appreciate you.”

racing for a cureI couldn’t live without: Peanut Butter M&M’s. Hands down. I am co-dependent upon them and I’ve accepted that. I know I’m supposed to say something sweet here like “my wonderful family,” “the Lord in my life,” etc…but without Peanut Butter M&M’s I am unsure as to whether I would be able to function with competence.

Last thing I read:  For class: Reframing Organizations by Bolman and Deal; For Pleasure: Catching Fire-The Second Book of the Hunger Games by Collins

Favorite meal:  Homemade: Seafood Gumbo; Restaurant: Enchiladas

Best vacation I ever took was: I went to London over winter break with about 60 of my closest friends (Marching Band-I play the Alto Saxophone…random fact)

One word that best sums me up:  …I’m still thinking…I’ll go with “spirited” for now. LOL!

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