Helping Hands Food Drive 2020 Success

Due to the donations by our campus, the Helping Hands Food Drive was able to serve the families who applied without requesting additional items from the Trojan Food Pantry.Helping Hands Full List of Food Donation Items - Compressed

Rosalie Shahan, chair of the Helping Hands committee, reported that bags of food were provided to 20 employee applicants and 10 student applicants. “We were thinking that we might need help from the Trojan Food Pantry, but we were able to meet the needs with donations from campus,” reported Shahan at the January Staff Senate Meeting.

“We had 7 families that had five or more people in that family, so they received two bags. 37 bags of food were given out during the Helping Hands season.”

Her report also included a thank you message: “Thank you to my committee, fundraising [committee], both Staff Senate [communications committee] and UA Little Rock Communications, professional development [committee], Allen Stanley, Accounts Payable, and Keifran Melvin… there were a lot of people who helped make this Helping Hands year successful. Without you, this would not have been possible. So, thank you for all your hard work and answering the tough questions, and sticking with me while I kept asking questions.”

President Cody Henslee noted that there were quite a few questions to ensure the correct procedures were followed in newly-implemented Workday. “We got it figured out,” Henslee said, “so we’ll be prepared for next year.” He also thanked Shahan for her work, “I appreciate you taking that on; I know it was a lot. You did an excellent job; I hope you realize that. Thank you very much.”

Learn more about the Helping Hands Food Drive. Want to start donating now? Donations can be made by credit or debit card through the Annual Giving and Campus Campaign site or through through payroll deductions.

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