Fall 2015 Digest

As the fall 2015 semester comes to a close we have included in this digest a recap helpful information and events.
In this digest:

We have included some information we hope you find useful in kick-starting the coming semester.

In this digest:

About Scholarly Technology and Resources (STaR)

Our mission is to support teaching and learning in the online environment.
We provide:

  • Opportunities for training and professional development
  • Instructional design and course development servicesB
  • Assistance with creating engaging content
  • Blackboard administration
  • Technical support for faculty and students

Our support team is ready to answer questions related to Blackboard, UALR’s learning management system, or any of the supporting tools such as Collaborate, our web-conferencing solution, and Kaltura, our streaming media server.  Our instructional design team is available to assist faculty with design and delivery best practices.

We encourage faculty to include our student support contact information in their syllabi, invite their students to contact us, visit the Blackboard Student Support website, or come see us for assistance.  All students are enrolled automatically in a Blackboard Orientation which can be accessed by logging into my.ualr.edu and clicking on “Courses”.

Blackboard Faculty Support

Help Desk

Resources and Assistance Available

  • Blackboard “How To’s” (video/print tutorials for Bb Tools)
  • One-on-One Appointments
  • Face-to-face & Online Training
  • Open Lab Wednesday, 9 AM to 4 PM

Blackboard Student Support

Help Desk

 Resources and Assistance Available

  • Blackboard “How To’s” (video/print tutorials for Bb Tools)
  • One-on-One Appointments
  • Online Blackboard Student Orientation

Additional Services for Faculty

Instructional Design Assistance

In addition to answering questions about goals, methods, materials, and assessments in the online environment, our instructional designers will provide guidance for designing and delivering a high quality course.  We can also assist your college or program with creating a customized course template designed to best practices.

Quality Matters Resources

As subscribers to Quality Matters, we have access to the QM rubric, course review management system, and discounted trainings. Our instructional designers have received specialized QM training that is incorporated into our course development process.  For more information about QM, please contact Sean Orme, our Quality Matters Coordinator, at 682.3149.

STaR Studio

The STaR Studio provides a space for faculty to produce, create, and edit multimedia content with one-on-one assistance from our STaR staff.

  • Computer lab—two computer stations with content authoring software (Adobe Creative Suite 6, Adobe Captivate, Camtasia, Articulate Storyline, Articulate Replay)
  • Studio productions—“live” in-studio shoots for interviews, demonstrations, etc.

Archiving Your Courses

file cabinet graphic

Archive Reminder

At this moment, courses taught prior to fall 2013 have been backed-up, but will no longer be visible to you when you login to Blackboard.

After Dec. 18, you will only be able to access courses taught between the spring 2014 and spring 2016 semesters.

This means that as we moved forward, you will only be able to archive courses for two years (six semesters) from the current semester from your Blackboard course list.

Save  Zip File

Archived courses can be saved to your computer and restored in Blackboard should you need to access them again. Keep in mind, they must remain in the Zip file in order to be restored to the Blackboard LMS.

What if the Archive is Unavailable?

If you need to access course content that is no longer available, you may request a copy of the course from our archives. To submit a request for these archives, just email us at star@ualr.edu. Please allow five business day to process the request.

If you need access to a course in which you’re not the instructor of record, you will need permission from that instructor or from the department chair or course coordinator to access an archive.

Important Dates

These courses will be available for archiving through your Blackboard courses:

Until, Dec. 18, fall 2015 through the previous fall 2013 semester.
Beginning, Jan. 4, spring 2016 through the previous spring 2014 semester.

Learn more: How to Export and Archive CoursesHow to Import Course Packages

Flash Media Sunset February 1

bbvideo playerFlash Media Sunset

Video streaming from the Flash Media server via the bbvideo/watch/ player will no longer be accessible in courses after Feb. 1, 2016.

Kaltura Media is associated with the course alpha-number, (ABCD 1234), the bbvideo/…/watch/ player tag, (watch/x1y2) and your NetID.

Kaltura Media Management

Because media is associated with NetIDs, faculty are the administrators and managers of their media content on the Kaltura Media Server. To locate your media from the My Media gallery and place it in your course you will need to create a Mashup Item in your content area or module. Remember you may also share your media in other courses where you are the instructor.

Learn more: Kaltura Media Mashups
Please see the link above for more information about creating your course Mashup Items.

What if I need assistance?

Over the fall semester we have contacted faculty to confirm Flash to Kaltura media transfer requests. If you have not been contacted or you’ve delayed in responding to the file transfer information spreadsheet request, please contact us as quickly as possible to allow time to process your media transfers to Kaltura.


Merlene Love, STaR, 501-569-8504.
Brad Sims, for faculty in the College of Educational and Health Professions, 501-569-8509.

UALR Online Orientation

UALR OnlineLearning More About eLearning

“eLearning hosted an orientation session Oct. 23 for faculty and staff to learn more about UALR Online, the university’s brand of fully online degree programming.

Representatives from several campus units were in attendance.

Rachel Hook, eLearning’s marketing and communication specialist, Rachel Hookpresented the material and later recorded the presentation for those who were  unable to attend.

Rachel has created a digital orientation folder in Google Drive that includes the presentation video and helpful documents that will assist departments with the enrollment and development processes for UALR Online programs.

If you wish to have access to the UALR Online orientation materials, please contact Rachel Hook at rehook@ualr.edu or 683.7438.

Quality Matters 7th Annual Conference

A Quality Matters-Informed Course Template

Quality Matters logoDr. David Montague, Interim Director of eLearning, and the instructional design team attended the Seventh Annual Quality Matter Conference in San Antonio, Texas, Nov. 1 – Nov. 4.

Sharonda Lipscomb and Sean Orme, part of the STaR instructional design team, along with Dr. Donna Kay, Director of Online Learning at National Park College, presented at the conference discussing UALR’s QM informed course template.

The presentation highlighted the user friendly layout of the STaR course template which is based on the Quality Matters Rubric and best practices for online course design. The template provides structure, guidelines, and policy documentation as a framework to support design that allows faculty to concentrate on course development and content.

Jane Evans, Assistant Professor and Nursing Program Coordinator, and Denise LeGand, Senior Instructor in the Math Department, shared their experience and implementation of the STaR course template.

Jane Evans: Quality Matters and our RN-BSN Online Program

Denise LeGrand: Calculus II Course Content

Learn more:  Quality Matters

STaR Studio Update

STaR Studio graphic

Exploring Course Content Possibilities

With the STaR Studio faculty may create media content for their online courses such as instructional video, interactive content, demonstrations and animations, editing and graphics, podcasts, closed captions, and more. We are also available to provide one-on-one support and training.

Several faculty used Camtasia to capture, voice over, edit, and create video presentations of their course slide shows over the fall semester.

Department of  Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies, Visiting Assistant Professor, Josh Dohmen said,

This semester I used the STaR studio to record video lectures for an online class. I found the folks at STaR to be knowledgeable and helpful, and I was impressed with the quality of the equipment and software in the studio. Overall, my students have been pleased with the videos I generated. One told me ‘There were many topics I struggled to grasp but after watching your videos I understood the missing pieces,’ and another wrote, ‘Thanks, for taking the time to create the slides and include narration. It is making a difference!’

Department of Biology, Associate Professor, Fusheng Tang, shared recently,

I greatly enjoyed my experience in the Blackboard studio this semester. Your detailed teaching on the Camtasia software greatly helped me and allowed me to edit my videos. I am looking forward to using the studio in the next semester.

Learn more: STaR Studio

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