Tracking attendance with Blackboard

Maintaining attendance records online can be a challenge, but Blackboard’s new attendance tool provides a method for tracking and awarding credit for attendance that’s integrated directly into your online course.

The new attendance tool, available now in any course shell under the Course Tools section of the Course Management menu, automatically syncs with your course roster and allows you to grade attendance by integrating with the the Full Grade Center.

On first use, the attendance tool will only include a column for the current date — to get started, simply enter your attendance for the day in this column. The system will add a new column on subsequent visits.

If you want to add scheduled meetings in advance, use the ‘Overall’ view to add meetings by hovering over the ‘Today’ column and clicking the plus sign that appears:

Add meetings by hovering over the title of the current meeting and clicking the plus icon

Click on the title of the meeting to edit, delete, or exempt a meeting, or to mark attendance for all students at once.

Mark attendance for the entire class

You can mark the attendance status for each student individually by clicking ‘Mark’ next to their name:

Mark attendance individally

From ‘Meeting View’ you can also mark attendance using a one-click grid interface.

Marking attendance in Meeting view

Attendance records can be made available to students through the My Grades tool by making the grade center column automatically generated by the attendance tool visible. There, student will see a full list of meetings and their attendance status.

You can find more information about using the attendance tool in your course on the Blackboard help website, or by emailing

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