New Kaltura media editing options for Fall

A new set of media editing tools available this fall in your UA Little Rock Blackboard account let you trim, clip and even add interactive quizzes to your Kaltura media content — all without leaving your browser.

The new tools are accessible through the Kaltura MediaSpace for all users and offer an array of timeline editing options. To access, just click the My Media link on the Blackboard homepage and edit one of the videos in your account. There, you’ll find the ‘Launch Editor’ button.

Trimming content is easy — just drag the handlebars on the video editor timeline to select the video segment you want to include for playback. This is a great quick-fix for removing unnecessary footage from the beginning or end of a video.

You can also clip video content by placing your cursor on the video timeline and clicking using the ‘Split’ tool. If you need to remove a section of video from the middle of a project, you can simply ‘clip’ it and smooth the transition using the editor’s built-in fade option.

The new editor gives you the option of creating interactive video quizzes using existing videos in your account. Multiple choice/true false questions and reflection points can be added to the video timeline, and quiz results can even be added to the gradebook in Blackboard.

You can find step-by-step instructions for using the MediaSpace video editing tools and creating interactive video quizzes on the Kaltura website. Contact STaR if you have questions about creating and editing media with Kaltura in your UA Little Rock Blackboard account!

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