Kaltura Capture to replace Capture Space next summer

– Kaltura Capture will replace Capture Space next summer
– Capture’s feature set integrates into the new workflow available in the Kaltura Media Space
– Faculty interested in previewing can sign up for early access or check out a demo during National Distance Learning Week

Capture Space, the screen and webcam recording tool provided by Kaltura, is slated for retirement next summer, and interested faculty are encouraged to demo its replacement this November for National Distance Learning Week.

Kaltura Capture, the replacement for Capture Space, provides a familiar feature set and an easy-to-use interface that should make next year’s transition an easy one, but there are some changes in functionality to note.

Most noticable is the migration of key editing functionality to the Kaltura Media Space in Blackboard, where users can fade, chop, and splice multiple video inputs from a live video interface.

This new workflow moves the editing process from the recording tool into the cloud, allowing users to make changes to uploaded video content from any computer.

A demonstration of these features scheduled for 1:00 pm Thursday, November 8, will address any questions about these updates and their impact on the user experience here at UA Little Rock.

Kaltura Capture will be available for all users beginning next Spring to ensure everyone is ready to make the switch from Capture Space when the tool is decommissioned in June.

To help prepare for the change, faculty and staff interested in trying out the tool now can email star@ualr.edu for early access.

Kaltura provides this tool as part of its streaming media service, which powers integrated video workflows for both faculty and students within their UA Little Rock online courses.

You can read more about Capture on the Kaltura website, or send questions about using Kaltura in your UA Little Rock online courses to star@ualr.edu.

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