Announcing Grades Journey for Blackboard Learn at UA Little Rock

Simplify the end of your semester with Grades Journey, the workflow built into Blackboard’s Grade Center that allows you to publish final grades directly to BOSS.

With Grades Journey, publishing grades is easy — after some quick setup, grade approval takes just a few clicks. Grades Journey is an opt-in service, so grades will never be extracted from courses that haven’t been approved, but those who already use the Blackboard Grade Center to maintain grades can skip the step of manually entering grades for individual students in BOSS.

STaR is excited to announce the general availability of Grades Journey for midterm and final grade submission for all terms beginning in the Spring 2020 semester — you can find instructions for approving grades with Grades Journey in Google Drive or by watching this quick video.

If you have questions about or run into trouble with Grades Journey, please contact with questions about setting up Grades Journey in your courses!

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