Course Communications

Course Communications

Whether through individual messages or course wide announcements there are many options available for communicating with students. For example, use the Email/Send Email tool to send correspondence to students’ UALR Gmail account. This tool retains all email within the UALR email system. Use the Messages tool for sending correspondence within the course.

Sending messages in your course

There are two options available for messaging with students in your Blackboard course, each providing a different set of advantages over the other. Whether you chose one of these options or use an external messaging option, STaR recommends using only one method and clearly reflecting that expectation in the course syllabus.

Using the Course Messages tool

The Course Messages tool is available as a means for facilitating communication between users in a course without leaving the course environment. You don’t have to know a users email address to message them through the course messages tool — just select from the list of available users provided in the tool.

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Using the Send Email tool

The Send Email tool makes it easy to send messages to the external email accounts of users in your course. Either select individual users or choose from groups of users based on their role, and a message is sent to their UA Little Rock Gmail account. All correspondence is then conducted through the Gmail account.

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Posting course announcements

The Announcements tool gives you the option of broadcasting messages to all users in the course by displaying messages in the tool itself, delivering notifications to the announcements module, and giving you the option of sending a copy of the announcement to the course users’ UA Little Rock email account.

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