Grade Center

Grade Center

The Grade Center is more than just a way to record students’ grades; it is a dynamic and interactive tool that can be used to monitor student progress, and communicate information to students. Use this valuable tool to help understand student progress and make informed decisions on how to improve educational performance.


Navigating the Grade Center

The Grade Center is available to instructors from the course management menu in each course, and offers an number of options for interacting with grade data. You can easily create columns for grade entry or to calculate totals and averages. Once created, columns in the grade center can be sorted and filtered by different criteria.

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Customizing the Grade Center

Columns in the grade center can be sorted and filtered by category or status to help you easily find the grade data that you’re looking for. You can also organize the Grade Center by reordering and hiding columns so that grade information is where you need it to be.

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Categorizing grade columns

Create custom categories to help you more easily sort and filter your grade columns. Categories can also be used by calculated columns to total the score for a group of categorized columns.

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Creating smart views

Smart views are a way of organizing columns that can help you track the progress of students in the course using a variety of criteria. For example, you can filter users by their grade performance on specific columns to identify at-risk students with low scores.

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Grading student work

There are a number of ways to enter grades in the Grade Center, but for any standard grade column, you can simply click on a cell and type in a score. You can also enter grades and find more information about student submissions from the ‘Grade Details’ page. Assignment, discussion, and test attempts can be viewed individually through the Full Grade Center as well as on the Needs Grading page.

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Calculated columns can be used to total or average student scores that have been entered into the Full Grade Center. Weighted columns can be used to apply a percentage to individual columns or to a group or category of columns.

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Grade reporting options

The Grade Center can generate progress reports that can be shared with students as well as column statistics reports that give you insight on how the class is performing on specific assignments. Assignment receipts are stored in the Full Grade Center to help you track who has submitted work in the course.

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