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Kaltura Media is a streaming media tool that allows all Blackboard users to create video content from within the course environment. With Kaltura Media, users may upload prerecorded media files, record from their webcam, or create screencasts.


Accessing Kaltura Media

You can always access video content connected with your account by clicking the My Media link located at the bottom of the course listing page when you login to Blackboard.

2019 Accessing Kaltura Media My Media

Uploaded by ualrbbhelp on 2018-12-04.

The My Media page serves as a private video gallery where you may upload, record, and manage your media content.

Adding multimedia to your course

You can add multimedia content to your course through the Kaltura Mashup tool anywhere you can access the content editor. Just click the content editor to add video to your discussion board posts, assigned submissions, or messages.

2019 Creating Mashups 2019

Uploaded by ualrbbhelp on 2018-12-04.

This will open a pop-up window where you can browse through the My Media or media content associated with your account or add new media.

Kaltura Capture Space media recorder

Kaltura’s Capture Space lets you record, capture, webcam, or narrate to create media content for your online courses. You’ll need to first download the widget then you can get started.

Kaltura Capture v2

Uploaded by ualrbbhelp on 2018-12-04.

Uploading pre-recorded media

With Kaltura you can upload pre-recorded media content. If you’ve made a video or audio recording using a tool or device outside of Kaltura. Its easy to upload the file by selecting the Media Upload option from the Add New menu in the My Media Gallery.

2019 Uploading Pre Recorded Media All

Uploaded by ualrbbhelp on 2018-12-04.

Before uploading your file, you’ll need to make sure its in one of the following approved formats.

Media File Formats: Mpeg-4 and QuickTime Formats (MP4, MOV, QT, and M4V), Flash Video (FLV and F4V), Microsoft Windows Formats (AVI, ASF, WMV and WMA), MPEG-1/2 (MPG, M1V, M2V, MP3), WAV, Matroska (MKV), OGG OGM & OGV, WEBM, 3GP, RM, Webex (ARF), MXF

Requesting Machine Captioning

Using Requesting Machine Captions allows you to incorporate universal design in your media providing your students with accessible content that will enrich their learning experience. Available through the My Media gallery you may upload, preview, and edit media in much the same way as other popular media sites with closed captions. To get acquainted with using the requesting machine captioning editor, please preview the following information.

Using the Requesting Machine Captioning Editor:

Graphic, Machine Caption Editor Key

Understanding the Machine Captioning Editor interface:

1. Play Until End of Video to preview your file.
2. Play Until End of Sentence allows you to edit by clicking each section of the timestamp on the left.
3. Make edits and SAVE each timestamp.
4. Click Play to preview/review and SAVE each individual edit.
5. Click, Approve when you’ve completed all your edits.
6. Follow the prompts and return to your My Media.
7. Share the file in your content area.

Learn more: Using My Media to Access Requesting Machine Captioning