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Building remarkable online courses

At eLearning, we are here to provide you with the tools and services needed to achieve your course outcomes. Our goal is to help you take your online course to the next level.

That’s why we provide access to the QM Rubric. The rubric is a set of online development standards created by a non-profit organization, Quality Matters (QM). By collaborating with our instructional designers to create exceptional online courses with the QM Rubric, you can add even more innovation to the development of materials, align course and section/module objectives with your content, and optimize the overall organization of your course to improve student learning.

Interested faculty must attend the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric Workshop (APPQMR) to begin the process necessary for QM course certification and/or to become a QM Peer Reviewer.

Upon completion of the APPQMR workshop, first-time course developers are encouraged to apply for the Funding Request for Development of New Online Course. If approved, faculty will collaborate with STaR’s instructional design team to assist in developing online courses that meet the nationally recognized research based, QM rubric standards.

Achieve Online Course Excellence and Learning Communities

As the course content expert, consider the exceptional value the QM Rubric brings to the online learning experience of your students. Guided through the rubric’s standards and design elements by our instructional designers, you will discover innovative ways to develop materials, align objectives, and organize content.

While the QM Rubric is not required for online courses, we encourage you to join with us in this initiative. Let’s create interactive learning communities with our students in mind.

New UALR eLearning Course Development Model

With the eLearning course development model, you can create courses efficiently in collaboration with our instructional design team.

new course development model

The Process

•    Faculty member registers to take the Applying QM Rubric Workshop (free for UALR faculty)
•    The workshop registration form is on the and websites
•    Workshop completion is required for instructional designer assistance in course development
•    Course developed using Quality Matters process
•    Course is taught for one (1) semester
•    Instructional designer completes an internal QM review
•    Course is sent for an official QM review (eLearning pays QM $550)
•    Course receives official QM certification
•    Faculty receives $1,000 compensation

Contact: Sharonda Lipscomb, (, for more information about upcoming QM workshops.

Learn more: Quality Matters at UALR
Apply now: Please email Sharonda Lipscomb (