Online Course Design Quality Assurance Standards

In an effort to improve student retention, the Online Course Design Quality Assurance Standards are provided to establish internal quality assurance guidelines for online and blended/hybrid courses as well as to further establish a culture of quality in online education at the university. The standards are developed from nationally recognized, research-based online course design review standards with a goal of promoting and assisting faculty with the development of quality online courses at UA Little Rock.

There are three internal levels of quality:

Bronze – established through use of the UA Little Rock Default template (all courses)

Silver – Minimum standard of quality expected for all online courses

Gold – Internal level of excellence in online (Meets 23 Quality Matters Essential standards)

The chart below further outlines criteria for each standard.

Online Course Design Quality Assurance Standards - click to enlarge image

Faculty to may elect to submit a self-review of any online course, which will be forwarded to the Instructional Design Division for official review and certification upon meeting all outlined standards. Faculty with courses that have achieved Gold level standards may apply and be considered for Quality Matters Course Review, which is a national, research-based peer review online course certification. To begin a self-review, please click the standard banner below.

STaR Quality Assurance Standards - Silver Level Self-Review

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STaR Quality Essentials Standards - Gold Level Self-Review

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